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ScaleAwaySolar-Shine is an anti-static glass cleaner specifically designed to clean solar panels, computer monitors and TV screens.

ScaleAwaySolar-Shine is an anti-static cleaner for glass, anti-glare filters and monitors. Designed to clean with a streak-free finish, it inhibits dust and static charge.

  • Safe on delicate surfaces; ideally suited for use on solar panels, mirrors, lenses computer monitors etc.    
  • Eliminates static discharges and prevents reoccurrence.    
  • Suitable for use on a wide variety of glass surfaces, including computer screens and monitors.    
  • Supplied in 1kg and 5kg polycans for use in hazardous working environments

    ScaleAwaySolar-Shine is an easy-to-apply, single-step application coating designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels. Through itís anti-static properties, ScaleAwaySolar-Shine prevents dust and debris build up. ScaleAwaySolar-Shine is also self-cleaning given itís hydrophilic properties, which allows unwanted particles to be easily removed with only water rather than harsh chemical cleaners.

    Not only do the self-cleaning properties of ScaleAwaySolar-Shine allow for an increase in photo-voltaic efficiency, but also lower maintenance costs and frequency. ScaleAwaySolar-Shine is completely transparent and does not change the appearance of solar panels.

    Dirty panels can reduce power input by up to 25%. Independent solar installers reporting up to a 30% loss of efficiency for customers. In very dusty areas up to 4 grams of dust per square meter can reduce power generated by up to 40%.


    Strong adhesion to substrate
    Thickness: 100 nanometers
    Single-step application
    Cleans easily with water
    Lowers maintenance costs

    For additional details regarding the specifications of ScaleAwaySolar-Shine, please contact the technical department at ScaleAway on 082-781-4329 or

    Contact us TODAY to purchase industrial grade descaling chemicals or to discuss a water management solution for your specific application!

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