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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

ScaleAway ScaleX concentrate is an inhibited hydrogen chloride concentration with multiple corrosion inhibitors for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
ScaleAway ScaleX is fortified with detergent builders and surfactants to aid in cleaning the heat transfer equipment while descaling is being undertaken.

Whether you are descaling heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, cooling towers, pumps, boilers, tubes, pipes or any equipment that comes in contact with water ScaleAway ScaleX is the heavy duty descaler of choice.
Most cleaning and descaling applications can be completed within a few hours, making ScaleAway ScaleX one of the fastest-acting heavy duty industrial descalers on the South African market.

concentrate is a colourless to slightly yellow solution of hydrogen chloride gas (30% m/m) in water and is one of the most widely used industrial descaler specifically formulated to rapidly dissolve limescale and remove rust, mud, sludge and other water formed deposits from passages in all industrial water-cooled or water-heated equipment, like:
    - Heat Exchangers & Oil Coolers,
    - Compressors & Chillers
    - Condensers & Radiators.
    - Boilers & Furnaces

Improve Your Equipment Efficiency - Water scale deposits are a significant cause of heat transfer loss, along with the subsequent increase in energy costs. In fact, even a thin 1mm layer of scale can cause a 30% increase in the cost to operate that piece of equipment. Keeping the heating passages free of mineral deposits significantly improves efficiency, conserves energy, extends the useful life of the equipment, and saves you time & money.

Descaling Service using ScaleX

ScaleAway ScaleX is heavily fortified with corrosion inhibitors, wetting and penetrating agents, chelating agents, a defoamer and a biocide. This proprietary formulation dissolves water scale, lime, rust and other water formed deposits from water operated equipment efficiently and effectively.

For all industrial heat transfer equipment except stainless steel equipment, ScaleAway ScaleX can be diluted at a ratio of 5:1 to 10:1 depending on how severe the scale build-up in the system is. For stubborn scale ScaleAway ScaleX can be used undiluted at full strength. Before applying ScaleAway ScaleX, flush out system and refill with clean water.
Determine the volume of water and mix in the ScaleAway ScaleX at a rate of 100ml to 200ml per Litre of water. Circulate the solution through the heat transfer equipment at room temperature.

Note: Do not use at boiling point or product will undergo hydrolysis and not work.
Not for use on stainless steel (For stainless steel equipment use ScaleAwayBIO).
Repeat applications may be necessary for heavily soiled systems.
Do not leave descaler in the water side of any heat transfer equipment for extended lengths of time.
After cleaning, flushing of the system is required to remove loosened scale and contaminants.
Spent descaling solution needs to be neutralized with ScaleAway pH-Buffer to a pH of 7.0 8.0 before disposing to the sewer or according to your local disposal criteria.
The application of ScaleAway ScaleX may expose pre-existing under deposit corrosion (pitting, holes or similar damage) that can result in leaks in pipes, equipment or systems. The foregoing specifications are applicable to our product ScaleAway ScaleX, when used according to instructions that are available upon request and in NO WAY are intended to cover other uses or applications by the purchaser.

ScaleAway ScaleX concentrate is corrosive.
Causes severe damage to eyes, to skin, to air passages.
Attacks many metals with liberation of hydrogen which is flammable and forms explosive mixture with air.
Heating will cause pressure rise with risk of bursting.

We know of NO ill effects that could have resulted from using ScaleAway ScaleX for the purpose for which it is intended and from processing it in accordance with current practice stated above.

ScaleAway ScaleX is available in 5kg Polycans, 25kg Polycans, 200kg Drums and 1000kg Flowbins.

For additional details regarding the specifications of ScaleAway ScaleX, please contact the technical department at ScaleAway on
082-781-4329 or

Contact us TODAY to purchase industrial grade descaling chemicals or to discuss a water management solution for your specific application!

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