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ScaleAwayTTA is a biodegradable environmentally friendly corrosion and rust inhibitor.

Corrosion Inhibitor Application:
ScaleAwayTTA is an ideal copper and high copper alloy corrosion inhibitor. It is especially useful in systems where fluids are in continuous contact with metals that require protection. Other metals that can be protected include zinc, cobalt and silver.

When ScaleAwayTTA is used in multi-metal systems with other corrosion inhibitors, it will protect aluminum and steel.

It is generally used as a corrosion inhibitor and rust inhibitor. It is used to protect piping in industrial water systems such as recirculating cooling water systems, in cooling towers, air-conditioning systems, heat exchangers, and hydraulic fluids.

Rust Inhibitor Application:
ScaleAwayTTA is an additive that prevents flash rusting of wet abrasive - and water-blasted iron and steel surfaces and of dry-blasted surfaces in a pressurized wash down. It also removes chlorides and other salts and contaminants very effectively.

Water that contains a high concentration of salts, calcium carbonates and calcium sulphate (i.e., “hard water”), or other contaminants may interfere with the performance of ScaleAwayTTA. Always use clean potable drinking water for best results.

To avoid “pooling” of inhibitor-treated water, for example on flat areas, excess water should be blown away with oil-free compressed air.

While protection against flash rust for 48-hours or longer is achieved, it is good practice to prime as soon as possible after the surface is dry to prevent flash rust from appearing.

Chemical Related Health Information:
ScaleAwayTTA is moderately toxic if swallowed and has a low toxicity when applied to skin.
ScaleAwayTTA is corrosive to eyes and skin.
ScaleAwayTTA is not expected to produce skin sensitization.
ScaleAwayTTA did not cause damage to genetic material (DNA) in laboratory tests.
ScaleAwayTTA does notimpair fertility or reproduction.

Chemical Related Environmental Information:
ScaleAwayTTA is slightly toxic to fish and algae.
ScaleAwayTTA has a low toxicity to aquatic invertebrates.
ScaleAwayTTA will biodegrade in the environment.
ScaleAwayTTA is not likely to bioaccumulate.

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