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ScaleAway RustX stops Flash Rust from forming thus giving you ample time to spray primer coat on the metal!


The BEST Rust Remover on the South African market that is:
     Totally Non-Toxic
     Fully Biodegradable
     Contains NO Volatile Organic Compounds

ScaleAway RustX is biodegradable, non-toxic and eco friendly!

ScaleAway RustX is a chemical solution that can be applied directly to an iron or iron alloy surface to convert iron oxides (rust) into a protective chemical barrier. These compounds interact with iron oxides, especially iron(III) oxide, converting them into an adherent black layer that is more resistant to moisture and protects the surface from further corrosion. ScaleAway RustX is also sometimes referred to as "rust convertor" or "rust killer".

ScaleAway RustX is a water-based product and contains propriatary active ingredients: A mixture of acids, organic polymers and wetting agents to create a powerful fast acting formulation.

ScaleAway RustX chemically converts the reddish iron oxides into bluish-black ferric phosphate.

ScaleAway RustX is used in the conservation of ferrous (iron based) metal objects to passivate and inhibit corrosion. It reacts with the corrosion products to form a more stable compound, thus preventing further corrosion from taking place.

After treatment the ScaleAway RustX residue is left on the metal to form a protective layer that inhibits future rust from forming for up to six months if left in a dry place.

The leftover residue is generally left on the object so that if moisture reaches the surface the active ingredients will be rehydrated and prevent or slow any corrosion.

ScaleAway RustX treatment for metal rehabilitation and conservation is very effective and widely used and it does have a significant visual effect on the object, turning the corrosion products black and any exposed metal dark grey.

ScaleAway RustX can also be used with care on objects with copper alloy components as the active ingredients can have a slight etching effect on these metals.

ScaleAway RustX generally needs to be applied undiluted, but may be diluted at a 1:1 ratio with water.

Submerge rusted metal object in ScaleAway RustX for 30-60 minutes to remove rust deposits.
Blow dry with clean compressed air or wipe with a clean cloth.

ScaleAway RustX is non-corrosive when used as directed!

ScaleAway RustX is usually applied to objects which are difficult to sandblast. It may also be used to restore and preserve iron-based items of historical importance.


Rusted metal object soaked in
RustX for 1 hour

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