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ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP

ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate is an organophosphoric acid corrosion inhibitor.

ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate is a scale and synergistic corrosion inhibitor for inhibiting iron rust and mineral scale from pipes of cooling circulation water units, oil field and low-pressure boilers, in fields such as electric power, the chemical industry, in metallurgy and fertilizer manufacture, etc..

Metal chelate agent for color fixing and bleaching in textile; Complexing agent for electron plate and scale cleaning agent for metals. It can chelate with Fe, Cu, and Zn ions to form stable chelating compounds. It can dissolve the oxidized materials on these metalsí surfaces.

ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate is used as detergent for all metal and non-metal components.

In dyeing industry, ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate is used as a peroxide stabilizer and dye-fixing agent.

ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate is also used in non-cyanide electroplating.

ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate shows excellent scale and corrosion inhibition effects under temperature 250 degrees celcius. ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate has good chemical stability under high pH value, hard to be hydrolyzed, and hard to be decomposed under ordinary light and heat conditions. Its acid/alkali and chlorine oxidation tolerance are better than that of other organophosphoric acids (salt).

ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate can react with metal ions in water system to form hexa-element chelating complex, with calcium ion in particular. Therefore, ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate has good antiscale and visible threshold effects. When built together with other water treatment chemicals, it shows good synergistic effects.

The solid state of ScaleAway HibiHydroxy HEDP concentrate is crystal powder, suitable for usage in winter and freezing districts. Because of its high purity, it can be used as cleaning agent in electronic fields and as additives in daily chemicals.

The following dosages are recommended:

  • 1-10mg/L is preferred as a scale inhibitor
  • 10-50mg/L as a corrosion inhibitor
  • 1000-2000mg/L as a detergent.

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