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Electrical Water Geysers

Instructions for Applying ScaleAwayBIO concentrate Descaler Solution in Water Geysers from 50 litre to 200 litre geysers, using the Standpipe Method.

IMPORTANT! Prior to installing the temporary standpipe, completely flush the geyser tank of water and remove heat source. Turn off all electrical supply to the geyser using the isolator switch.

CAUTION: Remove relief valve while the geyser is draining. Do not replace the relief valve until descaling is completed. Relief valve opening will also act as a vent in case of possible contact between the descaler and the anode rod(s).

CAUTION: Keep open flame and/or sparks away from the relief valve opening and/or any other tank openings including the standpipe opening. Do not smoke near any tank or standpipe opening.

1. Using 20mm (3/4") N.P.T. fitting and nipples, make up a standpipe arrangement at the heater drain valve opening as shown in figures 1 and 2. Note: the use of PVC plastic fittings and nipples is recommended. Use PTFE thread tape when making up any threaded connections.


2. Refer to recommended usage table below and slowly pour the proper amount of diluted ScaleAwayBIO concentrate into geyser tank through the standpipe. Note: The use of safety goggles and protective gloves are recommended, especially while pouring solution into standpipe. If splashing occurs, wash down with plenty of fresh cool water. See product label.

3. Allow the solution to remain in the geyser tank until foaming stops, usually 1-2 hours.

4. Place a clean plastic bucket adequately sized to receive the spent solution under the standpipe tee opening, remove plug and allow ScaleAwayBIO concentrate to flow out of geyser tank.

5. Empty the spent ScaleAwayBIO concentrate down a clean, operable, floor drain or into a clean laundry tub drain while running fresh cold water into drain. Also, clean out jug thoroughly.

CAUTION Prior to draining or disposing of the descaling solution, check the drain you will be using to make sure it is clean (free of any chemicals, cleaners, debris or any foreign matter) and operating properly. Run copious amounts of fresh, clear, cold water down the drain for at least 10 minutes.
Be sure enough fresh cold water is used to cycle the sump pump at least two times.

If drain is not suitable, collect spent solution, store in properly labelled clean, vented/open reinforced plastic, poly-lined drum, that can be safely transported to a suitable drain for disposal using the same method as noted above.

6. Cautiously observe the geyser tank interior through the drain opening (a small torch/flashlight may be used effectively). If the interior still shows scale deposits, add fresh ScaleAwayBIO concentrate and repeat process.

7. After descaling has been completed, flush the geyser tank with fresh water for at least 15 minutes, remove the standpipe and replace the drain valve.

Because ScaleAwayBIO concentrate is an eco friendly non-toxic bio-degradable product, it is fast replacing all acid based descalers.

ScaleAwayBIO concentrate is described as being a “green descaler” because of its ecological advantages.

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