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ScaleAwayCIP-ChlorCleen is an alkaline detergent and cleaner for Clean-In-Place systems.

ScaleAwayCIP-ChlorCleen is a chlorinated alkaline detergent specifically formulated for circulation cleaning of pipelines in food processing plants, bottle and utencil cleaners and dairies in HOT water.
Suitable for use in C.I.P. Systems and storage vessels...

ScaleAwayCIP-ChlorCleen Is a caustic based circulation liquid.
Specifically developed for direct-to-line milking parlours.
Effectively sterilises all internal surfaces of food prcessing plants, washers and milking machine.
For use in hard or soft water areas.
For use in conjunction with Night Wash.
Suitable in all C.I.P. systems.
Superior formulation is proven effective in all CIP systems.
Powerful, high-end chlorinated alkaline neutralizes fatty acids.
Especially effective as a heavy duty cleaner for hard water stations.

ScaleAwayCIP-ChlorCleen offers an unmatched combination of cleaning power and value; it’s proven to be effective in all CIP systems.
   • Effective cleaning – Powerful, high-end chlorinated alkaline neutralizes fat residue.
   • Attacks micro-organisms – Chlorine breaks down milk protein and prevents build-up.
   • Cleaning tool – Conditioning agents ensure effective cleaning using moderate to extremely hard water.
   • Compatible – Works well in automated CIP systems.
   • Prevents trapouts – Non-foaming detergent results in a more efficient cleaning cycle

Daily HOT Circulation Cleaning:
For Use in Dairy Milking Machines
      1. Wash outside of clusters and attach to jetters.
      2. Rinse system well using 15 litres of lukewarm (approx 40°C) water per unit.
      3. Prepare 0.5% wash solution using 500ml product to 100 litres hot water (approx 80°C).
      4. Circulate through the system for 7 minutes.
      5. Rinse system well using 15 litres per unit of cold water.
      6. ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen may be used in the final rinse at 100ml in 100 litres water.

Daily HOT Circulation Cleaning:
For Use in CIP Clean-In-Place systems and Storage Tanks
      ScaleAwayCIP-ChlorCleen can be used at a rate of 500ml per 100 litres.


Store ScaleAwayCIP-ChlorCleen upright in original container in a cool, well ventilated area away from direct sunlight, acids and ammonium salts.

Available in 5kg, 25kg Polycans, 250kg Drums and 1000kg Flowbins.

For additional information on ScaleAwayCIP-ChlorCleen, please contact the technical department at ScaleAway on 082-781-4329 or

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