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ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen is a descaler and cleaner for Clean-In-Place systems.

ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen is a non-foaming concentrated acid suitable for the removal of all kinds of scale encountered in the dairy industry.
Suitable for use in C.I.P. Systems and storage vessels...

ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleenis unperfumed and therefore will not taint.
ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen has been scientifically formulated, to effectively remove milk stone deposits thereby preventing possible bacterial growth.
ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen is non - foaming and is therefore suitable in all C.I.P. systems.

ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen should be used after lines have been cleaned with ScaleAwayCIP-ChlorCleen chlorine sanitizer.
ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen may be used once a week at a dilution of 10 - 50 mls per litre depending on the severity of the scale. In this instance, circulate for 15 - 30 minutes.
Alternatively use ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen on a daily basis in rinse water at a dilution of 1 ml per litre to prevent scale build up.

Scale Types dissolved and inhibited by ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen concentrate
Inorganic Scale - Alkali earth cations such as calcium and magnesium and inorganic anions such as carbonate and phosphate are present in virtually all aqueous systems. Their salts form scale that can disrupt many industrial processes.

Dissolving Calcium Carbonate Scale - The equilibrium of the reaction by which scale forms has to be displaced in favour of the soluble species in order for the scale to dissolve. ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen concentrate has a very high calcium binding power, which enables it to dissolve existing calcium scale and to prevent new scale from forming

Inhibiting Calcium Carbonate Scale - Phosphonates and water-soluble polymers are often used to prevent calcium carbonate from precipitating and forming scale. These substances act by temporarily delaying the onset of crystallisation. Chelating agents such as ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen concentrate act differently, because they prevent salts from precipitating and forming scale by sequestering the calcium ions.

Dissolving calcium Phosphate Scale - Calcium phosphate also forms scale that is difficult to dissolve. This type of scale is often encountered in applications in which high concentrations of phosphate are present. Scale often gives rise to problems in dairies, because milk contains high concentrations of calcium phosphate and this sparingly soluble salt precipitates when milk is processed.

ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen concentrate is the best choice when it comes to finding a readily biodegradable complexing agent for dissolving calcium phosphate scale.

Organic Scale - Calcium stearate and calcium oleate (lime soaps) fatty acids and soaps also react with calcium ions to form soluble deposits in automated industrial component washing processes and bottle washing processes. Lime, magnesium and heavy metals can form soaps that precipitate and give rise to spots and stains, dull surfaces, a rancid odour and poor wettability. They can also cause turbidity and cause rubber to perish.

Calcium Oxalate - Calcium oxalate forms sparingly soluble deposits in milk-processing plants and pulp mills. ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen> concentrate can be used in these and other applications as an effective but gentle means of removing calcium oxalate scale.

Acids and weak complexing agents such as IDS or HEIDA cannot be used to remove calcium oxalate effectively.

ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen concentrate is very effective for dissolving the scale formed by lime soaps and preventing scale from building up, and they are much more effective than weak complexing agents such as IDS or HEIDA.

Included in the ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen concentrated proprietary formula, is a corrosion inhibitor used to protect the underlying metal when scale and oxide deposits are removed from metal parts. It also prevents the underlying metal from being corroded without interfering in the scale removal process.

For additional information on ScaleAwayCIP-AcidCleen, please contact the technical department at ScaleAway on 082-781-4329 or

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