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ScaleAway BubbleBuster
Supresses foaming during the descaling process.

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BubbleBuster is a non-toxic anti-foaming agent used during the descaling process.

BubbleBuster is formulated to eliminate foam during the descaling process to reduce effervescence, by reducing the surface tension of the bubbles. BubbleBuster is also suitable as a foam suppressant in in boilers, cooling towers, and effluent systems and ensure smooth operating conditions.

Advantages of BubbleBuster Foam Suppressor:
Highly concentrated
Easy to use
Easily rinsed off

How to use:
Mix 10 ml BubbleBuster to 10 litres of water (1:100) under normal working conditions and if foam is not suppressed, use a slightly higher concentration.

Physical Properties:
pH : 5-7
Specific Gravity : 1.01
Colour : Opaque white
Viscosity : Slightly thick

Reduce foaming during descaling.
Packing process aids for food products like fruit juice and dairy products.
Boiling and canning.
Protein processing.
Egg washing.
Re-usable bottle washing.
Oil drilling and gas scrubbing.
Paper and Pulp Processing.

For additional details regarding the specifications of BubbleBuster, please contact the technical department at ScaleAway on 082-781-4329 or

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