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ScaleAway's AntiScale ScaleAwayA912 concentrate

ScaleAwayA912 concentrate is a phosphonate/polymer/surfactant/biocide blend designed to reduce corrosion, scale formation and fouling in cooling water systems.

       Partially chlorine resistant.
       Multiple mechanisms Threshold inhibition, crystal habit modification, dispersion, surface wetting.
       Multiple corrosion inhibitors.

Technical Information:
The phosphonates in ScaleAwayA912 concentrate are effective chelating agents that bind tightly to di- and trivalent metal ions, which minimise the formation of insoluble precipitates (scale). The binding of these ligands also suppresses the catalytic properties of metal ions. These phosphonates are also stable under harsh conditions which is important in cooling waters to inhibit scale formation. The Phosphonates in cooling water systems also serve to control corrosion of iron and steel.

The Surfactant compounds in ScaleAwayA912 concentrate lowers the surface tension between the phosphonic chelating agent and the fouling compounds to create a wetting agent to aid in dispersing the precipitated calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate ions solids from the pipe reticulation to the sump of the cooling tower. These fouling solids are removed from the cooling tower sump during the monthly blow-down schedule.

The Biocides added to ScaleAwayA912 concentrate protects against biological infestation and growth which acts as an algaecide, protecting the water from infestation and growth of algae. These biocides deter, render harmless and exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism by chemical means and are also employed as an anti-fouling agent and disinfectant for your process water system.

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