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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

ScaleAwayA773 concentrate is a specially formulated product for removing calcium sulphate from RO and UF membranes and other surfaces. It removes the calcium sulphate by dissolving it rapidly. It will also dissolve some other deposits such as barium sulphate and magnesium hydroxide.

ScaleAwayA773 concentrate works effectively at ambient temperatures.
Suitable for use on many other surfaces such as mild steel and stainless steel.

Recommended Application:
5kg of ScaleAwayA773 concentrate will dissolve 1 kg of calcium sulphate.
ScaleAwayA773 concentrate is applied at 5-30% concentration diluted with water depending on the plant or application. It is circulated through the RO membranes at low pressure using the CIP equipment supplied or other external tank and low pressure pump. Circulation time can be from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the degree of scaling in the membrane. A test kit is available for measuring the active content of the CIP solution. Cleaning is complete when there is no further decrease in active material concentration in the circulating solution. This is followed by rinsing with good quality permeate or fresh water.

ScaleAwayA773 concentrate can also be used under high pressure to descale pipe reticulations congested with calcium sulphate scale.
When cleaning lightly fouled RO membranes with this product it is advisable to start the clean with a 2% solution and add more product as the active material is consumed. This will prevent large pieces of scale being dislodged and carried through the membrane where it could tear the surface. More active can be added to the CIP tank as the active material is depleted in order to ensure that all the relevant deposits are dissolved.

This product was initially used for reclaiming 200mm (8-inch) RO membranes which were to be discarded because they were heavily fouled with calcium sulphate, up to about 2kg of deposit per membrane. After cleaning they were returned to service where their performance was comparable to the other membranes in the system.

Discharge of Descaling Solution:
Once ScaleAwayA773 concentrate has been made into a solution and used to descale equipment, the solution with now depleted active compounds can be discharged to sewer as it has been rendered non active and will be gradually bio-graded provided the pH is not made to be acidic (<7)

Thus a solution or the solution of ScaleAwayA773 concentrate after descaling use can be discharged to sewer as stated below:
“If the cleaning solution is to be discharged to drain it is recommended that the pH of the solution be adjusted to about 7 - 8. Waste from the cleaning process should not be returned to the feed water to the RO system.”

On the other hand spilled or unused powder in the form as supplied by us should be swept up and extended into an inert material such as clean sand or sawdust. This shall then be sealed in a container or sealed bag and disposed of in accordance with the Local Municipality Regulations on Disposal of Industrial Waste.
This may vary from region to region.

The management of limescale and rust from the waterside of your equipment and associated piping with ScaleAway descalers is of paramount importance for the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

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