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Distributors of


Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products


ScaleAwayA271 is a complete formulation for solid fuel treatment based on combustion catalysts, slag modifiers and corrosion inhibitors.

ScaleAway271 has been developed for coal fire units equipped with:-
      - Pulverisers
      - Spreader Stokers
      - Cyclone Burners
      - Chain Grates
      - Fluidized Bed Systems
This treatment can also be applied to several other types of solid fuel; peat moss, hog, bark and other combustible residues.

Combustion Catalyst
ScaleAway271 contains a highly active combustion catalyst specially formulated to lower the auto ignition temperature of carbon. This temperature can be reduced significantly to enable more complete combustion in the fire box.

Slag Modifier
ScaleAway271 contains alkali earth compounds which are rapidly converted to very active fine particles which combine with low melting slag formed during combustion to make high melting dry compounds that will not adhere to boiler surfaces.

Acid Neutraliser
Active components of ScaleAway271 oxidised during combustion combine with sulphur trioxide and sulphuric acid to form compounds that are not corrosive to boiler surfaces.

ScaleAway271 is added continuously or intermittently to the coal handling system prior to the feeder equipment by means of an automatic feed device to ensure proper mixing with the coal.
Dosage rates will depend on the type of fuel burned in the boiler and the severity of the problem. However, a dosage rate between 0.2kgs/ton and 0.4kgs/ton can be advised depending on degree of fouling present and coal quality.
Final dosage rate will be recommended by our technical staff in conjunction with an on-site inspection and survey.

Improve combustion by reducing the amount of carbon in the fly ash up to 60 %.
   • Reduce slagging of the convection zone, super heater and the amount of fireside deposits.
   • Reduce draft losses between the fire box and the economizer.
   • Increase operational time between shut-down.
   • Decrease of the frequency and duration of load reduction to remove fouling deposits.
   • Neutralize acid deposits and reduce economizer or air heater corrosion.
   • Reduce atmospheric pollution and eliminate dry smutting or acid smutting.
   • Reduction of the carbon in the ash will reduce loading to the following ash collecting equipment :-
      - Electrostatic precipitators
      - Bag Houses
      - Mechanical scrubbers
      - Double alkali scrubbers
      - Wet scrubbers
      - Cyclone collectors
      - Filter collectors
   • Reduce the amount of ash to be treated and hauled away.
   • Easy to apply with an automatic feeding system.

Non-toxic or harmful treatment with no negative secondary effect on the boiler or the back end equipment.

ScaleAwayA271 can be used in conjunction with most other water treatment products, but should not be dosed into the same line as other products as this may lead to chemical reactions in the line.

ScaleAwayA271 is available in 25kg Polycans, 220kg Drums and 1000kg Flowbins.

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