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ScaleAway Gly-CoolFG Food Grade Antifreeze with Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

ScaleAway Gly-CoolFG is a high quality, food and beverage grade mono propylene glycol based antifreeze coolant with additional corrosion and scale inhibitors added. ScaleAway Gly-CoolFG is designed for use in the food and beverage industries and for systems where low oral toxicity is essential. ScaleAway Gly-CoolFG contains non-toxic multi-metal inhibitors to protect chillers and their associated cooling systems against corrosion and scale.

In order to maximise heat transfer properties of the system. ScaleAway Gly-CoolFG offers excellent frost protection characteristics. A food grade tracer dye can be added to allowing it to act as a leak detector. A bitter taste additive also can also be added to ScaleAway Gly-CoolFG to prevent human consumption where required.

ScaleAway Gly-CoolFG should be diluted using ultrapure, demineralised, softened water.

The management of waterscale, limescale and rust from the waterside of your equipment and associated piping is of paramount importance for the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

Contact us TODAY to to purchase this product or to take advantage of our scheduled preventative maintenance services!

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