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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

ScaleAwayMGA concentrate Bio-Degradable, non-toxic, Organic descaling agent
controls the concentration of free metal ions in aqueous systems.

ScaleAwayMGA concentrate prevents scale from forming and can be used to redissolve even stubborn scale.

ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is a strong complexing agent. The performance of ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is higher, and the advantage for customers is that it is more cost effective.

The excellent ecological and toxicological properties of ScaleAwayMGA concentrate, makes it the best bio-degradable non toxic descaling agent available on the South African market. Industrial Piping Solutions has therefore positioned ScaleAwayMGA concentrate as a replacement for other, less environmentally friendly complexing agents such as phosphates, phosphonates, zeolites and silicates, etc.

In aqueous solutions, ScaleAwayMGA concentrate competes for metal ions with other anions such as hydroxide, sulphate, sulphide, carbonate and oxalate that form sparingly soluble metal salts. The formation of chelates reduces the concentration of free metal ions [Men+] to such an extent that the solubility products of many sparingly soluble metal salts are no longer exceeded. The result is that the salts no longer precipitate or may even redissolve.

The high stability of these complexes prevents metal ions from participating in typical chemical reactions. For instance, manganese, iron and copper are no longer able to catalyse the decomposition of peroxide bleach.

The stability of complexes depends on the pH. Complexing agents need to be selected according to the nature of the metal ions that are present and the prevailing pH.

ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is very effective complexing agents for calcium in the alkaline pH range. This is an advantage in many cleaning applications. ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is less likely to crystallise in the acidic pHrange than other aminocarboxylic acids, and they are still capable of complexing iron ions effectively in the pH 2 3 range.

Comparison with weak complexing agents:
Weak complexing agents are incapable of reducing the concentration of free metal ions in aqueous systems to the same extent as the ScaleAwayMGAconcentrate, and the result is that they are unable to prevent metal ions from playing a disruptive role in chemical processes.

  • If weak complexing agents are used, there is a greater risk that formulations will not fulfill the standards of performance that are expected of them.
  • Very large quantities of weak complexing agents are often required to reduce the concentration of metal ions to the required level. The result is that formulations are less cost-effective.

    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is chemically very stable.
    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate has been shown to be very stable compared to other organic complexing agents such as citric acid, tartaric acid and gluconates, especially at high temperatures. Whereas inorganic sequestring agents (eg. phosphates) may hydrolyse at high temperatures,ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is stable even when heated to 200 C under pressure. ScaleAwayMGA concentrate Granules begin to decompose at approx. 300 C.

    pH stability
    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is resistant to being broken down across the whole pH 2 14 range, even at elevated temperatures. For instance, formulations that contain ScaleAwayMGA and high concentrations of sodium hydroxide remain stable and do not precipitate. Other readily biodegradable complexing agents such as iminodisuccinate precipitate in alkaline media, and these weak complexing agents are then no longer able to keep metal ions in solution.

    The miscibility and stability of ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is excellent, even in highly acidic solutions. Many complexing agents cannot be employed in acidic formulations because they precipitate in the form of their sparingly soluble free acids. ScaleAwayMGA concentrate has the advantage that it remains soluble and chemically stable, even in the acidic pH range.

    Inorganic scale
    Alkali earth cations such as calcium and magnesium and inorganic anions such as carbonate and phosphate are present in virtually all aqueous systems. Their salts form scale that can disrupt many industrial processes.

    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate can be used to redissolve precipitated metal salts and hydroxides. Traces of free metal ions are always present in equilibrium even with very sparingly soluble salts. If these free ions are chelated, the equilibrium is gradually displaced in favour of the soluble chelates. The rate at which precipitates dissolve depends on their crystal structure and age and on the temperature. The rate at which they dissolve can be increased by raising the temperature.

    Dissolving calcium carbonate scale
    The equilibrium of the reaction by which scale forms has to be displaced in favour of the soluble species in order for the scale to dissolve.

    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate has a very high calcium binding power, which enables it to dissolve existing calcium scale and to prevent new scale from forming. It displaces the equilibrium of the precipitation reaction by sequestering the calcium cations. ScaleAwayMGA concentrate has a very high affinity for calcium compared to weak complexing agents such as iminodisuccinate (IDS).

    Inhibiting Calcium Carbonate Scale
    Phosphonates and water-soluble polymers are often used to prevent calcium carbonate from precipitating and forming scale. These substances act by temporarily delaying the onset of crystallisation. Chelating agents such as ScaleAwayMGA concentrate act differently, because they prevent salts from precipitating and forming scale by sequestering the calcium ions.

    Scale can form if phosphonates or water-soluble polymers are used, depending on the concentrations of calcium ions and polymer or phosphonates, because the calcium ions do not form permanent bonds.

    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate can be used to boost the action of polyacrylates and phosphonates in inhibiting scale formation. It can enhance the overall performance of scale inhibitor formulations.

    Dissolving calcium phosphate scale
    Calcium phosphate also forms scale that is difficult to dissolve. This type of scale is often encountered in applications in which high concentrations of phosphate are present. Scale often gives rise to problems in dairies, because milk contains high concentrations of calcium phosphate and this sparingly soluble salt precipitates when milk is processed.

    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is effective for removing calcium phosphate scale. The high performance of ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is by far the best of all of the readily biodegradable complexing agents.

    Weak complexing agents such as iminodisuccinate (IDS), ethylenediaminedisuccinate (EDDS), hydroxyethyliminodiacetate (HEIDA) and citrate are completely ineffective for dissolving stubborn calcium phosphate scale.

    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is the best choice when it comes to finding a readily biodegradable complexing agent for dissolving calcium phosphate scale.

    Organic scale
    Calcium stearate and calcium oleate (lime soaps) Fatty acids and soaps also react with calcium ions to form soluble deposits in automated industrial component washing processes and bottle washing processes.

    Lime, magnesium and heavy metals can form soaps that precipitate and give rise to spots and stains, dull surfaces, a rancid odour and poor wettability. They can also cause turbidity and cause rubber to perish.

    ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is very effective for dissolving the scale formed by lime soaps and preventing scale from building up, and they are much more effective than weak complexing agents such as IDS or HEIDA.

    Calcium oxalate
    Calcium oxalate forms sparingly soluble deposits in milk-processing plants and pulp mills. ScaleAwayMGA concentrate can be used in these and other applications as an effective but gentle means of removing calcium oxalate scale.

    Acids and weak complexing agents such as IDS or HEIDA cannot be used to remove calcium oxalate.

    Health & Safety
    We know of NO ill effects that could have resulted from using ScaleAwayMGA concentrate for the purpose for which it is intended and from processing it in accordance with current practice.

    According to the experience we have gained over many years and other information at our disposal, ScaleAwayMGA concentrate does not exert any harmful effects on health, provided that it is used properly,

    Because ScaleAwayMGA concentrate is an eco friendly bio-degradable product, it is fast replacing all previous aggressive hydrochloric acid based products.

    The management of limescale and rust from the waterside of your equipment and associated piping is of paramount importance for the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

    Contact us TODAY to purchase industrial grade descaling chemicals or to discuss a water management solution for your specific application!

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