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Uses Of ScaleAwaySFA concentrate:
    Industrial descaler, cleaner & rust remover
    Removing excess grout on tiles, efflorescence and other mineral deposits
    Cleaner & descaler for dairy equipment (pipeline milkers, milk evaporators)
    Cleaner & descaler for brewery equipment (pipelines, vats, etc)
    Used as a herbicide

ScaleAwaySFA in Descaling
ScaleAwaySFA concentrate is super efficient descaling agent and is used for cleaning a variety of industrial equipment and domestic appliances. It is used for cleaning boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, jackets and coils, descaling toilets, removing excess grout on tiles, efflorescence and other mineral deposits etc. It helps remove hard water scale, protein deposits, beer and milk stone.

ScaleAwaySFA will dissolve about four kilograms (4Kg) of water limescale per twenty litres (20L) of ScaleAwaySFA Concentrate. Only ScaleAway descaling solutions fortified with corrosion inhibitors, surfactants and defoamers, does it so simply, rapidly, safely and economically.

Oil Cooler cleaned with ScaleAwaySFA

ScaleAwaySFA concentrate possesses an efficient scale dissolving capacity which makes it ideal for removal of scale from boilers, cooling towers, coils, heat exchangers, condensers and a wide range of heating and cooling systems thereby increasing the efficiency of plant and equipment.

ScaleAwaySFA concentrate is used as an acidic cleaning agent, typically for metals and ceramics. It is a replacement for hydrochloric acid for the removal of rust.

ScaleAwaySFA concentrate is classified as a strong inorganic descaling agent and is commercially produced from urea and fuming sulphuric acid. At room temperature, diluted aqueous ScaleAwaySFA concentrate solution is stable for a long time but rapid hydrolysis occurs at elevated temperatures. It's solution is less corrosive toward metals than other mineral acids like hydrochloric acid.

How to use ScaleAwaySFA for Cleaning & Descaling:
For Boiler systems & Cooling Towers use a circulation treatment of a 10% to 15% solution depending on how severe the scale build-up in the system is. Before applying ScaleAwaySFA concentrate, flush out system and refill with clean water. Determine the volume of water and mix in the ScaleAwaySFA concentrate at a rate of 100ml to 150ml per litre of water. Circulate the solution at room temperature or heated to a maximum of 60C for heavier cleaning. Note: Do not use at boiling point or product will undergo hydrolysis and not work. After cleaning rinse thoroughly and check system. Repeat applications may be necessary for heavily soiled systems. After cleaning, flushing of the system is required to remove loosened scale and contaminants. For rust removal use a solution of 10%-20%.

For descaling heat transfer equipment like heat exchangers and oil coolers, use a 10% solution. ScaleAwaySFA concentrate is safe for steel, iron, copper, brass glass and wood equipment. Clean in a soak tank or by circulation.

For surfaces, apply to surface using a cloth or brush and allow to dissolve scale for a few minutes. Agitate with brush if necessary and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

For removing excess grout from tiling or dissolving efflorescence from walls, floors etc: Dilute 500mg per 500ml of warm water. Apply to surface using a cloth or brush and allow to dissolve scale for a few minutes. Agitate with brush if necessary and rinse with clean water. Please Note: if using around coloured grout use a weaker solution of approximately 20% (250mg per 500ml of water) to reduce the risk of leaching out any colour from the grout.

ScaleAwaySFA concentrate is used as an acidic descaling and cleaning agent, It is frequently used for removing rust and limescale, replacing the more volatile and irritating hydrochloric acid, which is however cheaper, but not as safe to use as ScaleAwaySFA concentrate!

When compared to most of the common strong mineral acids, ScaleAwaySFA concentrate has desirable water descaling properties, low volatility, low toxicity and is a water soluble solution forming soluble calcium and iron-III salts.

Although it is considered less corrosive than hydrochloric acid due to its lower pKa, an effective corrosion inhibitor is added to ScaleAwaySFA. It is possible that the amino group could act as a ligand under certain circumstances, as does the chloride ion for Fe-III, when hydrochloric acid is used in rust removal.

Completion of descaling should be determined by either testing acidity or pH levels. When descaling is complete acidity or pH should be constant. If solution shows no acidity or pH rises to 4 or higher then more ScaleAwaySFA concentrate solution is added.

After completion of descaling, equipment is drained and flushed thoroughly with clean water.

The management of limescale and rust from the waterside of your equipment and associated piping with ScaleAway descalers is of paramount importance for the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

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