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ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is becoming increasingly popular as the premier descaling agent due to it being readily bio-degradable, non-corrosive, non-oxidizing and its salts are very soluble.

ScaleAwayMSA concentrate has the following unique features compared to most chemical acids:

  • Strong organic acid
  • Non-oxidizing
  • Easy to handle
  • High thermal stability
  • Low vapour pressure
  • No toxic fumes
  • Low carbon content (TOC)
  • Readily bio-degradable
  • Free of nitrogen and halogens
  • Resistant to hydrolysis

    ScaleAwayMSA concentrate & it’s Benefits

    Ecology & Toxicology:
    The excellent ecological and toxicological properties of ScaleAwayMSA concentrate, make it the best bio-degradable non toxic descaling agent available on the South African market. ScaleAway has therefore positioned ScaleAwayMSA concentrate as the primary replacement for other, less environmentally friendly complexing agents such as phosphates, phosphonates, zeolites and silicates, etc. ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is the best choice from the environmental point of view because it has the lowest biochemical oxygen demand of all the compounds in this group.

    Dissolving Power:
    Equal amounts of hydrochloric acid and ScaleAwayMSA concentrate were added to a suspension of calcium carbonate and the time elapsed until the carbonate was completely dissolved was measured.

    The photograph on the right shows both of these suspensions after an equal reaction time. The suspension treated with ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is completely clear, but the suspension treated with hydrochloric acid still has a long way to go. It takes four times as long to dissolve the calcium carbonate with hydrochloric acid than with ScaleAwayMSA concentrate.

    This photograph shows the rate at which calcium carbonate can be dissolved with ScaleAwayMSA concentrate and hydrochloric acid.

    High Acid Strength:
    The strength of acids has a profound influence on their effectiveness in chelating formulations. For instance, when lime-scale is dissolved, the insoluble CaCO³ reacts with the protons that are contained in the solution to form carbon dioxide, water and the calcium salt of the acid, which is expected to be soluble. The extent to which the acid dissociates – or, in other words, the acid strength – plays a decisive part in the dissolving process, because the process is more efficient if more protons are available in the solution. The law of mass action defines the acid strength. The equilibrium constant is obtained by applying the law of mass action to the dissociation reaction: the higher the figure for the equilibrium constant, the stronger the acid.

    The equilibrium constants of different acids on a logarithmic scale:

      1000 mmol ... releases
            Acetic acid                    4
            Formic acid                 10
            Citric acid                    50
            Phosphoric acid           80
            Sulfamic acid             270
            ScaleAway21/12       1000
            Hydrochloric acid      1000
            Sulphuric acid          1095

    It can be seen that hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and ScaleAwayMSA concentrate are much stronger acids than acetic acid, formic acid, citric acid, phosphoric acid and sulfamic acid.

    High Soluble Salts:
    For the descaling processes to be effective, it is very important that the salts that are formed as the result of dissolving precipitates with acid are highly soluble.

    Precipitated calcium carbonate can disfigure metal surfaces, and it can block pipes and cause machinery to overheat and malfunction. ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is very effective for removing calcium carbonate scale from the water side of all equipment.

    The miscibility and stability of ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is excellent, even in highly acidic solutions. Many complexing agents cannot be employed in acidic formulations because they precipitate in the form of their sparingly soluble free acids. ScaleAwayMSA concentrate has the advantage that it remains soluble and chemically stable, even in the acidic pH range.

    The photographs show scale being removed from a pipe with 5% ScaleAwayMSA concentrate. The ring was immersed in In the acid solution until the scale had completely dissolved and was then rinsed with water.

    Scale Types dissolved and inhibited by ScaleAwayMSA concentrate
    Inorganic Scale - Alkali earth cations such as calcium and magnesium and inorganic anions such as carbonate and phosphate are present in virtually all aqueous systems. Their salts form scale that can disrupt many industrial processes.

    Dissolving Calcium Carbonate Scale - The equilibrium of the reaction by which scale forms has to be displaced in favour of the soluble species in order for the scale to dissolve. ScaleAwayMSA concentrate has a very high calcium binding power, which enables it to dissolve existing calcium scale and to prevent new scale from forming

    Inhibiting Calcium Carbonate Scale - Phosphonates and water-soluble polymers are often used to prevent calcium carbonate from precipitating and forming scale. These substances act by temporarily delaying the onset of crystallisation. Chelating agents such as ScaleAwayMSA concentrate act differently, because they prevent salts from precipitating and forming scale by sequestering the calcium ions.

    Dissolving calcium Phosphate Scale - Calcium phosphate also forms scale that is difficult to dissolve. This type of scale is often encountered in applications in which high concentrations of phosphate are present. Scale often gives rise to problems in dairies, because milk contains high concentrations of calcium phosphate and this sparingly soluble salt precipitates when milk is processed.

    ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is the best choice when it comes to finding a readily biodegradable complexing agent for dissolving calcium phosphate scale.

    Organic Scale - Calcium stearate and calcium oleate (lime soaps) fatty acids and soaps also react with calcium ions to form soluble deposits in automated industrial component washing processes and bottle washing processes. Lime, magnesium and heavy metals can form soaps that precipitate and give rise to spots and stains, dull surfaces, a rancid odour and poor wettability. They can also cause turbidity and cause rubber to perish.

    Calcium Oxalate - Calcium oxalate forms sparingly soluble deposits in milk-processing plants and pulp mills. ScaleAwayMSA concentrate can be used in these and other applications as an effective but gentle means of removing calcium oxalate scale.

    Acids and weak complexing agents such as IDS or HEIDA cannot be used to remove calcium oxalate effectively.

    ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is very effective for dissolving the scale formed by lime soaps and preventing scale from building up, and they are much more effective than weak complexing agents such as IDS or HEIDA.

    Included in the ScaleAwayMSA concentrate proprietary formula, is a corrosion inhibitor used to protect the underlying metal when scale and oxide deposits are removed from metal parts. It also prevents the underlying metal from being corroded without interfering in the scale removal process.

    ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is also very effective in cases in which very uneven deposits need to be removed. The descaling solution is circulated to increase the rate at which the scale is removed. The duration of the process depends on the thickness of the deposits and the accessibility of the steel surfaces to be treated in oil coolers and heat exchangers, etc.

    Health & Safety
    We know of NO ill effects that could have resulted from using ScaleAwayMSA concentrate for the purpose for which it is intended and from processing it in accordance with current practice.

    According to the experience we have gained over many years and other information at our disposal, ScaleAwayMSA concentrate does not exert any harmful effects on health, provided that it is used properly,

    Because ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is an eco friendly bio-degradable product, it is fast replacing all previous aggressive hydrochloric acid and EDTA based descalers.

    ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is described as being a “green acid” because of its ecological advantages

    ScaleAwayMSA concentrate is the best choice when it comes to using a readily biodegradable complexing agent for dissolving limescale in the water end of all industrial machinery.

    Completion of descaling should be determined by either testing acidity or pH periodically. When descaling is complete acidity or pH should be constant. If solution shows no acidity or pH rises to 4 or higher then more ScaleAwayMSA concentrate solution is added.

    After completion of descaling, equipment is drained and flushed thoroughly with water.

    The management of limescale and rust from the waterside of your equipment and associated piping with ScaleAwayMSA concentrate descaler is of paramount importance for the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

    Contact us TODAY to to purchase this product or to take advantage of our scheduled preventative maintenance services!
    Alternatively, speak to one of our service technicians about acquiring a ScaleAway System Descaling Cart for your maintenance team to do your own descaling in-house!

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