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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

ScaleAway Lime-Go is a biodegradable descaler is specifically designed to dissolve the toughest water scale, limescale and rust deposits from virtually any piece of water-based equipment.

Whether you are descaling heat exchangers, chillers, condensers, cooling towers, pumps, boilers, tubes, pipes or any equipment that comes in contact with water, ScaleAway Lime-Go is the descaler of choice. Fortified with wetting and penetrating agents to dissolve deposits into solution, ScaleAway Lime-Go is fast and cost-effective. The solution can be safely handled by personnel and circulated through your equipment or system without arduous and costly dismantling, and in some cases your equipment or system may continue to operate during cleaning. Coupled with the solution’s biodegradability for easy and safe disposal in normal plant sewers, most cleaning applications can be completed within a few hours, making ScaleAway Lime-Go one of the fastest-acting industrial descalers on the South African market.

Superior Dissolving Power
ScaleAway Lime-Go has the ability to dissolve approximately 1kg of calcium carbonate scale per 3kg of active while at 21°C, and in concentrated form. If the ScaleAway Lime-Go is diluted, it will still dissolve 1kg calcium carbonate per 3 kg, but will require additional circulating time.

ScaleAway Lime-Go is a heavily fortified with corrosion inhibitors, wetting and penetrating agents, chelating agents, a defoamer and biocide which actually dissolves water scale, lime, rust and other water formed deposits from water operated equipment efficiently and effectively.

ScaleAway Lime-Go does not deteriorate, oxidize, saponify, thicken or lose effectiveness for at least five years. The solution is exothermic, but does not develop a substantial increase in temperature while dissolving water scale, lime, rust or other water formed deposits. However, when ScaleAwayLime-Go comes in contact with strong caustics, a significant exothermic reaction could result with temperatures potentially exceeding 60°C.

ScaleAway Lime-Go is non-corrosive, but the application of ScaleAway Lime-Go may expose pre-existing under deposit corrosion (pitting, holes or similar damage) that can result in leaks in pipes, equipment or systems.

ScaleAway Lime-Go should be used as directed and at any temperature within the operating limits of between 2°C and 70°C. If the solution does freeze, slush or thicken at the lower operating temperatures, and then thaws, there will be no performance reducing results. Although almost any chemical reaction will react faster under elevated temperatures, ScaleAway Lime-Go should be applied at ambient temperatures (18° C to 35°C) with full effectiveness and results obtainable. Please consult the manufacturer when temperature above 70°C is encountered.

The concentrated solution can be held, safely, in the open hand without deleterious effects. However, if irritation occurs, a simple soap and water rinse is all that is required. If irritation persists, please consult a physician.

ScaleAway Lime-Go does not corrode, erode, attack, oxidize or have other deleterious effects on virtually any metal or materials commonly found in water systems such as: MILD STEEL, CAST IRON, COPPER, BRASS, FIBER, LEATHER, RUBBER, TITANIUM, GLASS or other materials found in heat exchangers, vacuum pumps, evaporators, condensers, and/or other water cooled, water heated or water operated equipment when used as directed.

An exception to the above is that when using 100% concentrated (non-diluted) ScaleAway Lime-Go on magnesium, zinc, and/or aluminum, it could oxidize or pit. Furthermore, polished chrome and some alloys of stainless steel could become discolored. It is not recommended for use with concentrated solutions. The rule of thumb is that if the alloy is designed for use in a water system (aluminum engine block, aluminum mold, etc.), the alloy should be compatible with the ScaleAwayLime-Go solution. Otherwise, it is recommended that the ScaleAway Lime-Go be diluted 50% or more with water when descaling. Also do a test to see wheter there is a negative reaction or result from using this product.

Before commencing a descaling job utilizing ScaleAwayLime-Go, all flexible or corrugated stainless steel should be temporarily replaced with rubber or similar hosing. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that the ScaleAway Lime-Go solution be thoroughly mixed before using. Some settling of a white precipitate may occur with the majority of the liquid becoming a clear to pale yellow color. The use of the phased or non-agitated liquid will have no negative affects upon the performance of the solution.

The solution does not require neutralizers and it is free rinsing with water. Neutralizers may be used if required by the client.

ScaleAway Lime-Go is an electrolyte, as are most cleaning agents. An electrolyte is any liquid that will transfer small electrical currents. Examples: salt water, vinegar, Coca-Cola. An electrolyte may cause plating in some types of equipment. This means a transfer of small amounts of one metal onto another metal according to the galvanic corrosion chart. In some instances, a thin coating of copper may be plated onto a steel drum while circulating an electrolyte such as ScaleAway Lime-Go. The only time plating occurs is when two dissimilar metals are in an electrolytic solution.

The solution has the ability to dissolve deposits from some equipment while in operation and without shutdown, either through the cooling tower or if auxiliary coolers are incorporated.

Do not circulate the active descaling material for more than a six-hour period without consulting the manufacturer. Most ScaleAway Lime-Go cleaning applications can be accomplished within an average of two to four hours. Please use material only as directed.

ScaleAway Lime-Go is designed to be used by itself or diluted with water and water only.

Agitating or circulating ScaleAway Lime-Go with compressed air is not recommended. Please consult ScaleAway with any questions.

The solution is biodegradable with a BOD value of 16 mg/l. This normally allows the solution to be water flushed down plant sewers. Check with local ordinances and regulations in your area prior to disposal.

The foregoing specifications are applicable to our product ScaleAway Lime-Go, when used according to instructions that are available upon request and in NO WAY are intended to cover other uses or applications by the purchaser.

For additional details regarding the specifications of ScaleAway Lime-Go, please contact the technical department at ScaleAway on
082-781-4329 or

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