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Distributors of


Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

Limescale Flushing Service
Flushing of the water side of your heat transfer equipment on a regular basis, is a preventative measure to maintain optimum working temperature and viscosity of machine/hydraulic oil. This ensures machine settings are maintained which eliminates down-time on production and minimizes wear and tear on your equipment.

Chemical cleaning with ScaleAway descalers eliminates scale build-up, which is like cholesterol for your water cooled and water heated equipment. The flushing fluid will maintain adequate running temperature of machine during the flushing process.

ScaleAway descalers are specifically formulated to remove scale from water cooled and water heated industrial equipment. These proprietary formulae are combinations of industrial descalers, corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, defoamers and dispersants.


  • No loss of production caused by removal of heat exchangers/oil coolers etc... for servicing.
  • Production line can be maintained whilst flushing service is being carried out.
  • Time and labour saving as no work needs to be done by in-house staff.
  • Machines run at optimum temperature thus ensuring the following:
              No over-heating of machine/hydraulic oil
              No loss of viscosity of machine/hydraulic oil
              No unnecessary wear and tear on machine working parts
              Keeps your equipment in good working order

    Preventative maintenance is so much more affordable than unplanned plant breakdowns and forced shutdowns, that it is hardly worth taking the gamble and risking your production commitments to your customers that rely on your factory to manufacture and deliver their commodities on their time schedule.

    It makes good business sense to have built-in reliability for your clients by having a proactive preventative maintenance plan in place throughout your production facilities.

    Consider descaling your heat transfer equipment a necessity to the well being and efficiency of your production.

    Purchase your own System Descaling Cart for your maintenance team to do the descaling of ALL your heat transfer equipment in-house.

    Contact us TODAY to purchase industrial grade descaling chemicals or to discuss a water management solution for your specific application!

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