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ScaleAway C20 System Descaler

Premium power flushing pump with the performance and versatility to handle a wide range of heat transfer systems.

With the ScaleAway C20 System Descaling Pump you get:
A powerful flushing pump suitable for small heating and cooling systems.
  • Ultra-high flow rate for maximum cleansing power.
  • Maximum removal of sludge and corrosion debris.
  • Free training course with every pump.
  • ScaleAway helpline support and service workshop.
  • Hoses and fittings ready assembled.
  • Compact and Portable.
  • Run dry capability; 60°C operation.

    Typical Applications:

  • Solar Water Geyser Manifolds.
  • Tankless Water Heaters (Electric & Gas).
  • Ice Machines in Restaurants & Hotels.
  • Small Solar & Geothermal Heat Pumps.
  • Small Braised Plate Heat Exchangers.

  • Technical data and what’s included with a ScaleAway C20 System Descaling Pump

    Tank       20 litre capacity translucent HDPE chemical resistant tank
    Electric Motor Size 0.20 HP, IP55 rating, 230volt 50Hz.
    Maximum Flow Rate 60 Litres per minute.
    Maximum Head 14 meters.
    Maximum Temperature 60° Celsius
    Flow Reversal Type Not Included
    Flow and Return Hoses 2 x 2 meter Hoses – 16mm ID Reinforced PVC
    Hose and Fittings ½” BSP Tool Free Brass Hose Couplings
    Carrying / Transport Integral Handle
    Weight (Without Hoses) 9.8 kg
    Chemical Handling Ability ALL ScaleAway Descaling Chemicals and Corrosion Inhibitors
    Dimensions in mm (L x B x H) 450 x 250 x 540
    Online Technical Assistance Email Assistance with 24 Hour Turnaround on all Technical Questions
    Training FREE Proficiency Training at ScaleAway Head Office
    Also Including
  • Comprehensive Operators User Manual
  • Contact us TODAY to purchase this C40 System Descaling Cart so that your in-house maintenance team can descale your heat transfer equipment as often as you see fit, enabling maximum heat transfer efficiency at all times!

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