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Ion-Exchange Water Softening Units

Water softeners are used to reduce the concentration of calcium, magnesium and certain metal cations in hard water.

Removing these ions will reduce the build up of limescale, reduce galvanic corrosion and improve the lathering of soaps.

For household applications this increases the life of geysers and kettles, reduces scale in toilets and showers, as well as spotting on dishes.

Technical Information

  • Tank Sizes - 230mm X 1220mm, 254mm X 1372mm and 305mm X 1320mm
  • Valve - Mechanical timer
  • Media - Softening ion exchange resin
  • Brine Tanks - 355mm X 865mm and 355mm X 1066mm

    Stock Models

    Code        Description
    WS1000     1000 Litre/Hour Softener System
    Fobrite mech timer valve, 230mmx1220mm tank, Purolite resin,
    355mmx865mm" brine tank
    WS1500        1500 Litre/Hour Softener System
    Fobrite mech timer valve, 254mmx1372mm tank, Purolite resin,
    355mmx865mm brine tank
    WS2000        2000 Litre/Hour Softener System
    Fobrite mech timer valve, 305mmx1320mm" tank, Purolite resin,
    355mmx1066mm brine tank

    Additional bulk sizes are available on request for industrial applications.

    Information on Water Softening Resin

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