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Distributors of


Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

Descaling Silica Scale

The build-up of scaling from dissolved and colloidal silica in cooling towers and evaporation systems is a major problem that costs industry millions of rands each year in facility down time, maintenance, discharge water treatments (blowdown), and anti-scaling chemical additives. This is particularly true for cooling towers and evaporation system facilities based in silica-rich regions.

Silica Scaling Removal


  • Cooling tower systems    
  • Water treatment systems    
  • Water evaporation systems    
  • Potential mining applications (produced water)    
  • Industry applications for which silica scaling must be prevented


  • Reduces scaling in cooling towers by up to 50%    
  • Increases the number of cycles of concentration substantially    
  • Reduces the amount of anti-scaling chemical additives needed    
  • Decreases the amount of makeup water and subsequent discharged water (blowdown)    
  • Enables considerable cost savings derived from reductions in facility down time and maintenance    
  • Reduces the amount of water needed to operate the system

    The removal of the silica prevents scaling deposition on heat transfer components of cooling towers and other evaporation systems.

    Because your water system contains the life blood of your production plant, descaling should be included in your preventative maintenance programme for the following crucial reasons:

    1. It improves Plant Efficiency
    2. Lowers Cost
    3. Conserves Energy
    4. Decreases Down-Time
    5. Extends the Usable Life of Cleaned Equipment

    Contact us TODAY to purchase industrial grade descaling chemicals or to discuss a water management solution for your specific application!

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