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Distributors of


Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

Water Scale Prevention with SILIPHOS

Siliphos has been serving the water industry for more than 30 years and is an economic and reliable water treatment system for potable and industrial water. Polyphosphates have long been used as an alternative form of hard water treatment. It is a soluble mineral compound which acts as a sequestering agent when added to water. Sequestering is simply the ability or tendency to tie up and hold in solution other minerals such as scale causing calcium and magnesium. The polyphosphates form bonds with scale causing minerals which make them more water soluble. Therefore, the hard minerals act soft and remain in solution, as opposed to depositing scale.

Experience shows that scale and corrosion are not only found in galvanized but also in copper pipes. Siliphos will successfully remove and prevent and scale forming and rust.

Siliphos ingredients are safe for human and animal consumption and comply with the WHO as well as NSF Standard 60 of the USA. Siliphos is colourless and odourless.


20 Big Blue with Siliphos balls

Can handle up to 7 Bar Pressure.
Flow through per hour: 2500 litres.
Inlet size: 40mm (1 1/2").

R2, 481.00


10 Big Blue with Siliphos balls

Can handle up to 5 Bar Pressure.
Flow through per hour: 1500 litres.
Inlet size: 20mm (3/4").

R1, 638.00

Additional Siliphos balls retail at R290.00/kg and is sold in 5kg Buckets

The siliphos balls just need to be refilled every 3 to 6 months depending on the quality of your water.

Treat your water by placing a Siliphos treatment system in the main water supply!

Please note:
Existing scale buildup will need to first be removed with a chemical descaler like ScaleAwayBIO or ScaleAwaySFA before installing a Siliphos Scale Prevention System.
To manage scale-build-up in hard water areas, one should consider a more effective Ion-Exchange Water Softening unit!
Prices exclude VAT and delivery. Prices reflected on website are subject to change and availability of product.

Contact us TODAY to purchase a Siliphos scale prevention system or to discuss a water management solution for your specific application!

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