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Distributors of


Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

Descaling Calcium Carbonate

A descaling agent or chemical descaler is a chemical substance used to remove limescale from metal surfaces in contact with hot water, such as in boilers, water heaters, kettles and heat exchangers.

Descaling agents are typically acidic compounds such as ScaleAway Lime-Go and ScaleAwayBIO that react with the alkaline carbonate compounds present in the scale, producing carbon dioxide gas and a soluble salt.

ScaleAway Descalers
ScaleAway Lime-Go and ScaleAwayBIO are used as acidic cleaning agents, sometimes pure or as a component of proprietary mixtures, typically for metals and ceramics. They are frequently used for removing rust and limescale, replacing the more volatile and irritating hydrochloric acid, which is highly corrosive on heat transfer equipment and very toxic and dangerous for your staff to handle.

When compared to most of the common strong mineral acids, ScaleAway Lime-Go and ScaleAwayBIO have desirable water descaling properties, low volatility, low toxicity and are water soluble solid forming soluble calcium and iron-III salts. These products also find applications in the industrial cleaning of dairy and brew-house equipment. They are considered less corrosive than hydrochloric acid due to their lower pKa.

ScaleAway Lime-Go and ScaleAwayBIO are strong inorganic acids that are used in many industrial processes. The application often determines the required product quality.

Because your water system contains the life blood of your production plant, descaling should be included in your preventative maintenance programme for the following crucial reasons:

  1. It improves Plant Efficiency
  2. Lowers Cost
  3. Conserves Energy
  4. Decreases Down-Time
  5. Extends the Usable Life of Cleaned Equipment

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