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Distributors of


Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

Rubber Industry

The rubber industry depends on water to cool various types of equipment. But where there’s water, there’s water-related problems caused by mineral deposits. These deposits are causing manufacturers varying degrees of water-related problems, affecting operating efficiencies and leading to other, more costly problems including downtime.

Mineral deposits accumulate quickly regardless of screens or treatment. Even a thin coating of water scale will act as insulation and eventually retard the transfer of heat in water systems; an example of this is scale inside a mill roll causes hot spots, thus producing inferior rubber production quality. You can put an end to your water scale problems with ScaleAway Descaling Solution, a safe and environmentally acceptable alternative to other scale removal methods.

Instructions for Cleaning of Banbury Mixer

When water scale, lime and rust deposits accumulate on the water side of jackets, rotors and the gates of the Banbury Mixer, it causes high stock temperatures and a loss in production.

In order to remove these deposits:

  1. Take mixer out of service.
  2. Close water supply valve at header.
  3. Drain all water from all sections of mixer.
  4. Connect ScaleAway System Descaling Cart pump discharge hose to water header. Header usually supplies all circuits.
  5. Connect return hoses to drain lines from all circuits and place into the ScaleAway System Descaling Cart receiver.
  6. Close water supply valves to gate and jacket circuits.
  7. Start pump and pump the ScaleAway descaling solution into rotors to purge the water from this circuit to sewer. When the ScaleAway descaling solution begins to discharge from this hose, return to the receiver.
  8. Open water supply valve to gate and maintain ScaleAway descaling solution circulation through this circuit.
  9. Open water supply valve to jacket and maintain ScaleAway descaling solution circulation through this circuit.
  10. If any circuit is NOT flowing properly, restrict ScaleAway Descaling Solution flow in other circuits until flow returns to normal in this circuit.
  11. Circulate a total of 120 Litres of ScaleAway descaling solution through all circuits of mixer until clean. This will require approximately four (4) hours pumping time (depending on amount of scale build-up).
  12. It is suggested to periodically rotate the rotors during ScaleAway descaling solution cleaning to assure that the ScaleAway descaling solution is in contact with all of the lobes of the rotor.
  13. Upon completion of cleaning, flush all ScaleAway Descaling Solution from all circuits with fresh water.
  14. Disconnect the ScaleAway System Descaling Cart pump and all hoses. The mixer is now ready to be returned to service. Periodic descaling will keep the temperatures of the mixer within acceptable limits, assuring you a better product and minimize burnt or improperly mixed stock.
  15. Clean out the ScaleAway System Descaling Cart and store for future use.

The tire and rubber industry has a great variety of uses for water and each may have its own quality requirements. ScaleAway descaling solution can be utilized in virtually any area of your facility.

Industrial Piping Solutions (Pty) Ltd. has been successfully manufacturing a complete range of descaling products for water scale management and with our experience, field technicians and customer service, we can offer you the best products and service available.

So call now for your free demonstration and we will outline a proposal to help you maintain your facility at peak operating efficiency.

By incorporating ScaleAway descaling solutions into your preventive maintenance program, you can keep your equipment running effectively and economically.

Case History
A large rubber manufacturer in Gauteng was experiencing high stock temperatures and loss of production in a number 11 Banbury mixer. A total of 120 Litres of ScaleAway descaling solution was circulated through the jackets, rotors and gate for only 4 hours, then water flushed and returned to service, well within operating limits. The cleaning resulted in better stock and minimized burnt or improperly mixed stock. The customer was astonished at how safe, economical, rapid and effective ScaleAway descaling solutions performed on his fouled equipment. ScaleAway descaling solutions are now an integral part of their maintenance procedure.

Listed below are just some of the types of equipment that can be thoroughly cleaned with ScaleAway descaling products in the tire and rubber industry.

  • Banbury mixers    
  • Mill & calendar rolls    
  • Steam presses    
  • Moulds    
  • Boilers    
  • Chillers    
  • Condensers    
  • Vacuum pumps    
  • Air compressors    
  • Absorption units    
  • Temp control units    
  • Injection throat coolers    
  • Tubers    
  • Beaders    
  • Extruders    
  • Intercoolers    
  • Aftercoolers    
  • Cooling towers    
  • Heat exchangers    
  • Hydraulic oil coolers    
  • Compressor jackets    
  • Closed loop cooling systems

For detailed instructions on cleaning any of the above applications, call Industrial Piping Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Contact us TODAY to purchase industrial grade descaling chemicals or to discuss a water management solution for your specific application!

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