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ScaleAwayBIO concentrate dissolves water scale, lime, rust, and other water formed deposits, restoring efficiency to all appliances. ScaleAwayBIO System Descaler is a non-toxic concentrate which is used as a cleaner, descaler and rust remover in potable water systems.

The BEST descaler on the South African market that is:
     Safe to Handle
     Totally Non-Toxic
     Fully Biodegradable
     Contains NO Volatile Organic Compounds

Recommended Uses:
  • Solar Water Geysers
  • Electrical Water Geysers
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Ice Machines
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Potable Waterlines
  • ALL Water Operated Equipment where toxicology is a factor
  •       Instructions For Use
  • Home Appliances
  • Solar Water Geysers
  • Electrical Water Geysers
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Improve Equipment Efficiency:
    Water scale deposits are a significant cause of heat transfer loss, along with the subsequent increase in energy costs. In fact, even a thin layer of scale 1mm can cause a 30% increase in the cost to operate that piece of equipment. Keeping the heating passages free of mineral deposits significantly improves efficiency, conserves energy, extends the useful life of the equipment, and saves you time & money.

    ScaleAwayBIO concentrate has been scientifically formulated to dissolve scale effectively, efficiently and safely!

    Ecology & Toxicology
    The excellent ecological and toxicological properties of ScaleAwayBIO concentrate, makes it the best bio-degradable non toxic descaling agent available on the South African market. Industrial Piping Solutions has therefore positioned ScaleAwayBIO concentrate as the primary replacement for other, less environmentally friendly complexing agents such as phosphates, phosphonates, zeolites and silicates, etc. ScaleAwayBIO concentrate is the best choice from the environmental point of view because it has the lowest biochemical oxygen demand of all the compounds in this group.

    According to the experience we have gained over many years and other information at our disposal, ScaleAwayBIO concentrate does not exert any harmful effects on health, provided that it is used properly,

                ScaleAwayBIO concentrate is TOTALLY SAFE to:
                           You and your Staff
                           Your Equipment
                           Our Environment

    ScaleAwayBIO concentrate is described as being a “green descaler” because of its ecological advantages.

    ScaleAwayBIO concentrate is the best choice when it comes to using a readily biodegradable complexing agent for dissolving limescale in the water end of all industrial machinery.

    The management of limescale and rust from the waterside of your equipment and associated piping with ScaleAwayBIO concentrate descaler is of paramount importance for the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment.

    Contact us TODAY to to purchase this product or to take advantage of our scheduled preventative maintenance services!
    Alternatively, speak to one of our service technicians about acquiring a ScaleAway’s System Descaling CartTM for your maintenance team to do your own descaling in-house!

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