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ScaleAway Product Listing

ScaleAway'sTM extensive range of advanced technology descaling agents, water treatment and metal treatment chemicals have been developed to manage the problems associated with hard water, specifically hardness salts and the formation of scale and rust across a wide range of commercial, industrial and process environments.

Descaling Agents
Descalers specifically formulated to remove existing scale build-up from the water end of all industrial machinery.

  • ScaleAwayBIO - Biodegradable non-toxic descaler for ALL potable Water Systems
  • ScaleAwayBio-Gel - Biodegradable non-toxic descaler GEL for Swimming pools, Showers, Tiles and Glass
  • ScaleAwayMSA - Descaler for Aluminium
  • ScaleAwaySFA - Descaler for Copper & Stainless Steel
  • ScaleAwayHCA - Descaler for Cast Iron & Mild Steel
  • ScaleAwayA773 - Calcium Sulphate Descaler for RO Systems
  • RYDLYME - Biodegradable non-toxic descaler - USA Import

    Scale inhibitors for industrial water treatment applications.

  • ScaleAwayA900 - Antiscale for Cloced Loop water chilling systems with corrosion inhibitors for Copper coils and tubes
  • ScaleAwayA908 - Antiscale for Closed Loop water chilling systems with corrosion inhibitors for Aluminium coils and tubes
  • ScaleAwayA912 - Antiscale dispersant & biocide for Open Loop circulating water cooling tower systems
  • ScaleAwayAMPS - Antiscale dispersant in open wide circulating water systems
  • ScaleAwayCSNT - Tri-polymer anti-scale dispersant containing sulfonate and polyelectrolyte
  • ScaleAwayAMAC - AntiScalant used in cooling towers, water chillers, boilers, centralized heating and air-conditioners

    Corrosion Inhibitors
    Protects underlying metal when scale is removed.

  • ScaleAwayHibiTane-PBTC - Corrosion inhibitor and water stabilizer in boilers and pipelines
  • ScaleAwayHibiHydroxy-HEDP - Organophosphoric acid corrosion inhibitor
  • ScaleAwayHibiPhos-HPAA - Corrosion inhibitor in cooling & boiler water treatment
  • ScaleAwayA222 - Reduce corrosion, scale formation and fouling in boiler systems
  • ScaleAwayTTA - Biodegradable environmentally friendly corrosion and rust inhibitor.
  • ScaleAwayPPE - (Ferrous Metals) Stainless Steel & Mild Steel
  • ScaleAwaySMK - (Non-Ferous Metals) Aluminium, Copper and Brass

    Disinfectants for industrial water treatment applications.

  • ScaleAwayA115 - Algaecide for Cooling Systems
  • ScaleAwayCIT - Broad-spectrum disinfect for algae, bacteria and fungi
  • ScaleAwayBio-Quick-Kill - Quick acting environmentally friendly biocide

    Chelating Agents
    Chelating Agents used to control the concentration of metal ions in aqueous solutions.

  • ScaleAwayMGA - Organic chelating agent
  • ScaleAwayEDTA - Inhibited organic chelating agent
  • ScaleAwayEDDS - Organic chelating agent

    Rust Remover
    Removes, converts and inhibits rust.

  • ScaleAwayRustAway Converts rust into into a protective chemical barrier
  • ScaleAwayTTA - Biodegradable environmentally friendly corrosion and rust inhibitor.

    Carbon Remover & Degreaser
    Removes oil carbonization build-up.

  • ScaleAwayC103 - Carbon Remover

    Water treatment chemicals used in conjunction with descaling agents.

  • ScaleAwayGly-Cool-FG - Food Grade Antifreeze with Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors
  • ScaleAwayGly-Cool-NFG - Non Food Grade Antifreeze with Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors

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