Scale Buildup
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 Aluminium Outboard Boat Motor

This outboard motor was descaled using ScaleAway21/12TM Descaling Engine Flush descaling solution.

To descale an outboard motor as above, use the following steps:
    Step 1 - Fill a 200L drum with 80 litres fresh water and 20 litres ScaleAway21/12TM(100 litres of diluted descaling solution).
    Step 2 - Put drum below motor and lower motor into drum to circulate the descaling solution through the motor.
    Step 3 - Ensure motor is secure and propeller does not touch inside of drum.
    Step 4 - Water intake must be submerged into the descaling solution by ensuring anti ventilation plate is below fluid level.
    Step 5 - Run motor on idle speed for 1 hour. (Descaling time may be reduced by using a stronger solution)
    Step 6 - Flush out motor with clean water once descaling has been done.

20 litres of ScaleAway21/12TM mixed at a 10:1 ratio makes 100 litres of descaler which will descale up to 5 boat motors.
(Depends on amount of scale build-up)

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