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Water Filtration Solutions for Drinking Water and Industrial Process Water

Dirty water is your cooling system's worst enemy. It fouls equipment, robs heat transfer efficiency, drives up energy consumption, accelerates chemical consumption, reduces the usable life of your production equipment and increases equipment maintenance and downtime.

As cooling towers constantly "scrub" airborne contaminants from the atmosphere, process water from a plant's cooling tower is often contaminated with airborne dust, pollen, algae, plastic fines, and water scale. These contaminates circulate through heat exchangers and chillers and significantly reduce the system's cooling ability. As a result, extruders, moulding machines and moulds heat up and endanger the quality of the product manufactured.

ScaleAwayTM offers the following filtration technologies:

ScaleAwayTM offers the following filtration systems:

Properly treating water system leads to cost savings and higher efficiencies allowing equipment to operate as specified by the manufacturer.

Benefits of Clean Water

1. Reduced energy consumption
As little as a 1mm layer of dirt, scale, or biological deposits on heat transfer surfaces results in a loss of cooling tower efficiency, increasing energy costs.

2. Improved chemical performance
Dirty water requires more chemicals to treat than clean water because a build-up of solid contaminants provides a buffer that reduces the effects of treatment chemicals. Additional chemicals are then necessary.

3. Lower maintenance cost
Frequently draining a tower and cleaning sediment increases labour requirements, and results in added costs to replace lost water in the system and provide additional chemicals.

4. Improved productivity and less downtime
Fouling a cooling system slows production because machines cannot run efficiently. A fouled heat exchanger could take a system down for an extended period of time until repairs are complete, resulting in less production per day and lost profits.

5. Control of biological growth that can lead to health problems
Legionella, bacteria that thrives in improperly maintained cooling tower environments, is particularly important to control because it poses significant health risks.

ScaleAwayTM recommends a mechanical filtration system and a Water Treatment program specifically tailored for each installation to ensure high water quality. Both must be used in order to effectively treat the water in a cooling system.

ScaleAwayTM offers the following filtration systems:

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