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Water Cooled Compressors

A Reciprocating Compressor is normally a heavy-duty, continuous service compressor. Cylinder construction usually incorporates a water jacketed cylinder and water jacketed heads to remove some of the heat of compression and also to improve the lubrication and reduce carbonization of valve parts. Water jacketing around valve and packing is essential, since these are points of localized heating.

As time goes on, you will have limescale and rust accumulation inside the water jackets, which in time, will overheat the air compressor and vacuum pump. This will also occur in your condensers, intercoolers and aftercoolers.

Cleaning Procedure

  • We remove the limescale, waterscale and rust accumulation from the water jackets with ScaleAwayTM descaler without disassembling the cylinders,
    condensers, aftercoolers, or intercoolers.
  • We remove the water in/out connection from each part and circulate ScaleAwayTM descaler for the recommended amount of time.
  • After the circulation, we flush with water and connect the water in/out connections back to the proper location.

A good proactive/predictive maintenance program, with regards to waterside fouling, reduces unplanned shutdowns, astronomical energy and operational costs, lower maintenance budgets and maintaining optimum operating efficiency in water cooled air compressors and vacuum pumps.

Contact us TODAY to take advantage of this scheduled preventative maintenance service!
Alternatively, speak to one of our service technicians about acquiring a ScaleAway’s System Descaling CartTM for your own in-house descaling.

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