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Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Products

Industrial Water Chiller Cleaning Service

The removal of waterscale, limescale, sludge and rust from the waterside of your chiller with scale removers and dispersant is of paramount importance for the efficiency of your industrial water chillers.

Scope of Work
    Flush out existing sludge and fouling to sewer.
    Power wash inside of chiller with ScaleAwayBIO.
    Rinse chiller and purge dirty water from pipe reticulation.
    Refill chiller with clean water.
    Dose chiller with ScaleAwayA900 aniscalant for closed loop cooling systems.


A good cleaning maintenance program with ScaleAway Descaling Products for industrial water cooling chillers will increase operating efficiency, reduce energy costs, reduce downtime and provide more reliable performance of the chiller system.

A dirty chiller will adversely affect operations and require more power (increasing energy costs) to get the same cooling output as a clean chiller. A dirty chiller system also has to work harder, which puts excessive strain on the motors and the integral mechanical systems that include pumps and bearings. The end result, obviously, is a shorter operating life of the system.

Ideally, a facilityís scheduled maintenance program would include chiller cleaning. The established method of determining the efficiency of the chiller is to monitor the operating pressures of the system. When pressures begin to increase, particularly head pressure, itís an indication that chiller cleaning is necessary.

Closed Loop Dosing with ScaleAwayA900
Effects of Oxygen Corrosion in Closed Loop Cooling Systems
ScaleAwayA900 for Steel and Copper coils
ScaleAwayA908 for Aluminium coils
ScaleAwayA171 Biocide for Closed Loop Systems

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