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Marine Descaler for Boat Motors

ScaleAwayMSA is used in conjunction with ScaleAwayPPE corrosion Inhibitor diluted to a 10:1 solution as the recommended solution strength for descaling aluminium outboard boat motors.
       Example: 5 Litres of ScaleAwayMSA to 50 Litres of water.

ScaleAwayMSA Descaling Engine Flush is designed to safely and quickly remove scale, calcium deposits, corrosion, from your engine’s cooling system. These deposits can make your engine run hot by restricting water flow through the cooling jackets. Calcium buildup may also damage your engine’s water pump. Descaling Engine Flush will NOT damage seals, gaskets or rubber impellers.

      Removes scale and deposits from all boat engines
      Will not damage engine seals, gaskets or rubber impellers
      Safe to use on all aluminium boat engines
      Strong organic acid
      Easy to handle
      High thermal stability
      No toxic fumes
      Readily biodegradable

Metal Safe Descaler
ScaleAwayMSA Descaling Engine Flush is designed to bind with calcium molecules found in limescale. Scale buildup is the number one reason water cooled systems malfunction. By binding only with calcium, remaining minerals and deposits held by the calcium are released to rinse free without harm to equipment. ScaleAwayMSA does not oxidize, corrode or attack metals found in water systems, When used as directed, ScaleAwayMSA Descaling Engine Flush may be used on all types of vessels including workboats, cruise ships, mega yachts, freighters, ferries and recreational boats. ScaleAwayMSA Descaling Engine Flush is ideal for heat exchangers, condensers, cooling systems, and all water circulation systems exposed to hard water and scale.

Descaling Instructions
1. Remove boat from water. Place the motor in an appropriate container so that the engine intake is well below the lip of the container.
Mix one part of concentrated ScaleAwayMSA Descaling Engine Flush with one part fresh water. Fill container until engine intake is completely submerged in the diluted ScaleAwayMSA Descaling Engine Flush mixture.

2. With the engine intakes completely submerged, run engine until engine reaches normal operating temperature and thermostat opens so that the descaling mixture comes out of the exhaust/water outlet of your engine. Alternatively you can remove the thermostat form the motor to ensure descaling chemicals circulate immediately.

3. Dispose of flush mixture in compliance with local laws. Fill container with fresh water and completely submerge engine intakes in water. Start engine once more and run for 5 minutes while fresh water runs throughout the engine system.

Remember to replace your thermostat If you removed it prior to descaling.

CAUTION: Wear goggles, respirator mask and gloves when handling this acid based product. Take precautions against spills near any grass and plants.
Keep away from children and pets. Do not mix with other chemicals.

Take a look at Before and After images of a boat motor cleaned with ScaleAwayMSA Descaling Engine Flush.

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